About Us

Thank you for your interest in using Prime Caregivers as your referral source for your caregiver. We are committed to caring for you and/or your loved ones during this time. We only refer the highest skilled and qualified caregivers to you. All referred caregivers are vetted including an interview, background check, and referral check. With over 10 years of experience our owner is committed to his clients and will do whatever is needed to make you happy. Our number one priority is giving you the highest Quality of Car and the best Quality of Life going forward . We want to see our clients healthy and happy.

A message from our owner…

Welcome! My name is Abe Nino and I am the owner and operating manager of Prime Caregivers. I am directly involved and in charge of the day to day activities here at Prime Caregivers. I ensure that our clients and their loved ones will always be satisfied with us and our service every step of the way. I am always willing to assist with any problems, questions, or concerns you may have and can call me directly at our main office. Thank you again for choosing us!

A little about me…

I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a Degree in Business Economics in 2008. However, after a year of work in the field I realized that it was not my passion or purpose in life. In 2010, I began to learn about senior care and got accepted to do an Administrator in Training program, for one year, at a local Skilled Nursing Facility. I graduated and passed my Skilled Nursing Home Administrator test and became a licensed Administrator in the State of California in 2017. Throughout this , I learned all the federal and state laws and regulations that govern Skilled Nursing Facilities as well as the quality of care we must give our seniors. During my time at the Skilled Nursing Facility I realized that although all the residents seem happy, a lot of them are not. They are receiving the best quality of care but they are missing being home. I realized that in order to avoid being unhappy in a nursing home that we needed to give better care to them while they were still in their own homes. Thus I began to work in the home health industry, specifically working for several caregiving agencies. We have helped many families and seniors live a much happier and healthier life in their own homes. Being able to talk to and interact with my clients and ensure they are happy and healthy has become my passion and I take great pride in knowing what I do helps people and families. I believe this was my purpose In life and couldn’t be more greatful. I have made great relationships with my clients along the way and I am excited to make many more. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for choosing us to assist you during this time.

Marketing Director

Katie Nino

Director Of Marketing

Katie is our Director of Marketing. 

Malou Ajero

Case Manager- Virtual Nurse

How fulfilling would it be to know that someone will help you find a caregiver to look after your mom, wife, and any of your loved ones? Well hello there!  My name is Malou and I have been working as a Virtual Nurse/Case Manager for 4 years. I have dealt with different clients in all walks of life and race. I have talked to multiple caregivers for the entire duration of my career. The experience and skills that I gained from this job have helped me learn how to handle and manage any issues or concerns that may arise.  I love to see that clients are happy and that we are able to match them with great caregivers for their family. I think my dedication and passion to help others is what drives me to continue what I’m doing. I’m grateful to have this kind of job where I will get to know people and make a little difference in their lives. I hope I can make that difference in your family as well. 🙂