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Some situations can be overwhelming, everyone needs some support at some point. Therefore, our caregiving services focuses on providing the best care and assistance to all our clients with different needs and circumstances.

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Life rarely go as planned. A life altering injury or disease can made the following the simple daily routine difficult. In that case one needs caregiving services and care. Prime Caregivers deliver in-home care, home health care, caregiving services to seniors and to person with a disability. We provide the best home caregiving services in Los Angeles and in other parts of Southern California – Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino and San Fernando Valley

caregiving services in los angeles
caregiving services in los angeles
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We are determined to provide our clients the premier quality in-home care, they need to live a meaningful life. We are with you at every step of the way. Get in touch with us anytime. which is why, our feedback systems ensures, you receive engaging and enriching caregiving services. Your satisfaction is our priority.


All our caregivers are required to undergo screening. Before they can provide any caregiving services to our clients. Our caregiving agency have thorough caregiver evaluation process; which includes background checks, drug tests, reference checks, and interviews. After they are fully vetted, only then we refer the caregivers to our clients.

Virtual Nurses/Case Managers

We assign one of our virtual nurses or case managers to manage every aspect of your case. As a result, case managers will make calls and do regular checks to make sure you are satisfied with our

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What Seniors Are Saying

caregiving services in los angeles

My aunt have dementia. She has no children. It was becoming tough for her to do daily tasks all alone. We try to manage, but everyone has their job and family. In the end we contacted Prime caregivers . We are happy with the caregiver they sent. Our caregiver is very warm . Most important, in her care we don’t any worry for the welfare of our aunt.

Miranda Davis

Senior People

Our caregiver was very warm and positive. worked well with schedules and also accommodated change in time and emergencies. I am grateful for the help in our hour of need.



Vanesa Rubio

Senior People

My husband had a stroke. Managing everything all alone was becoming difficult day by day. Then I contacted Primecaregivers for a caregiver. They have sent us a wonderful caregiver who really helped in our difficult time.

Frankie Tomlin

Senior People

We contacted the primecaregivers for a caregiver to take care of my mother in law. She slipped and broke her leg. Our caregiver was very compassionate and really took care of her.

Asker Abeyev

Senior People

We were pleased with our caregiver. My granny had met with an accident , the caregiver had shown immense compassion and patience in taking care of her. We really appreciate the support and care.

Bret Sayles

Senior People
caregiving services los angeles

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Here are frequently asked questions and doubts regarding the caregiving services. In case of any more queries, we are just a call away. Contact us

California state law mandates caregivers to have 10 Hours of Professional Caregiver Training. You can take the course to meet the California state law guidelines.

There is no need for a license for privately paid caregivers in California.

Yes, Prime caregivers is a referral employment agency. You can fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

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Prime caregivers believes in delivering quality in home caregiving services in Los Angeles. Our mission is provide services that help improve the lives of seniors, adults and childrenĀ  with special needs.


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caregiving services in los angeles