Hourly Rates Starting at $19/hr!!!

Live In Rates Starting at $180/day!!!

Our services are individually customized for you based on your initial assessment. We will develop a plan to meet all of your needs. With the help of you and your loved ones we are able develop a plan of care that is best for you and your overall health. We offer a wide range of caregiving services that are meant to assist you with everyday life. The caregivers are unable and are not medically cleared to administer medication at any time.

Our services can include ANY or ALL of these:

Elderly care in Los Angeles

Daily Living Essentials

The Caregivers are more than happy to help with assistance in any daily activities. These include, but are not limited to, bathing, hair and makeup assistance, oral care, toileting, and dressing/undressing

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This includes helping you move to and from a bed, to a chair or device, moving to and from the toilet and shower, and any assistance with walking throughout the house. For our clients that requested drivers this will also include assistance entering and exiting a vehicle.
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The caregivers help our clients with any reminders they may need. This can include medications, meal time, birthdays, sleep alarm and any other reminders they want. Just let the caregiver know and they will be more than happy to remind you.
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The caregiver can help shop, prepare and cook meals, to the best of their ability, for our clients. We ask our clients to let us know ahead of time so we are able to match them with a caregiver that can drive and prepare the meal.

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Cleaning / Housekeeping

The caregivers will do light housekeeping. This includes washing the dishes, making the beds, sweeping the floor, some laundry, light bathroom cleaning, and any other daily activity of cleaning agreed upon between our client and the caretaker.

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Let us know ahead of time if you need this. We make sure the caregiver we refer you has a clean driving record as well as a reliable car. The caregiver will be happy to drive the client shopping, a doctor’s appointment, a meeting or even run errands. The caregiver and client can agree on additional pay for this service.

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Our Clients and Caregivers become friends and family. The caregivers are friendly, loving, caring and are always willing to engage in activities, games or conversation. They will become family.