Bored To Death

The ‘Bored to death’ phrase takes a literal meaning in the case of seniors. Senior citizens are more likely to struggle with depression and anxiety. Boredom is one of the main causes behind it. No one likes to be bored at any age. However, with aging or due to some injury, now they can’t get around as well as they used to. The increased sense of boredom and restricted ability than earlier may lead to the feeling of uselessness. Which in turn could lead to severe episodes of depression.

Boredom mad the seniors to many emotional vulnerability issues also such as-

  • Feel Worthlessness
  • Feel life is no longer worth living
  • Feel intense restlessness
  • Feel unloved or uncared 

It’s better to deal with these issues in the initial stage. Prevention is better than cure should be the plan of action here. These issues at a later stage are extremely difficult to tackle.

stress after retirement senior care tips

As per the reports of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), seniors in the US are more likely to commit suicide than any other age group. 16% of the suicide happened in the country were of seniors aged 65 or above.

The loss of routine, contributing to society, losing friends or family, and health issues can cause depression and loneliness in seniors after they’ve retired. There could be many factors contributing to boredom. However, usually, the following are the most common-

  1.   Lack of interest
  2.   Tiredness
  3.   Stress
  4.   Insomnia

How do we prevent boredom in seniors?

Spending more time indoors doesn’t have to be boring. Find and engage in new interests. Keeping yourself occupied can help you feel better emotionally and physically.

Here we have listed a few fun activities that can infuse a new interest in your life.

indoor activities for senior care

  1. Listen to Music-

    Music is powerful. It affects people as they listen to it.  Explore new music and artists. And Enjoy.

  2. Play Board Games-

    Channel the competitiveness that you always had, now in enjoying and simply relishing the company of friends and family over Board games.

  3. Watch Movies-

    First day -first show plans that were never missed because you were busy. Well, you have the time. Watch it on a big screen or in your home.

  4. Read Books-

    Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers -Charles W. Eliot. Pick a book you always wanted to read, make yourself a cuppa and read.

  5. Socialize-

    Plan with friends, get together over a chess match or simply over a coffee. Make use of technology, connect with friends and your grandchildren on Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp so you can stay connected with all your friends and family members

  6. Exercise- 

    In seniors, exercise prevents many diseases, lowers the risk of chronic health conditions, improves flexibility, strength, and cognitive function. Join a yoga class or a gym.

  7. Adopt Pet-

    Having a pet motivates seniors to get out of the house, exercise, go for walks, socialize, etc. It will improve their overall health such as reducing stress, blood pressure control. Adopting a pet also has emotional benefits.

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