Challenges Faced by the Elderly When Summer Turns to Fall

Excited about Autumn? The change in season brings many smiles, especially in the fall. Undoubtedly when in its full bling, it enhances the beauty of your surroundings. But is it an equally happy time for older adults? Even the best caregiving agency in Southern California knows that caregivers have much to deal with the elderly during this transition period.

There are umpteen challenges faced by the senior people and it worsens in the fall. To understand more, here are some of the things that demand extra care from caregivers. These are –

Seasonal Illness

Human life is full of challenges and with time it only increases. For elder people, even trivial things like seasonal illness become a major health problem. The flu worsens their prevailing condition and can be detrimental to their health. Home care assistance can be a relief for them but if not handled properly, it could aggravate problems like pneumonia, bronchitis, and other infections.

Improper Dressing

Many older adults become stubborn with growing age and making them understand simpler things could become difficult. They prefer their way of dressing which might not suit the seasonal change. Under such circumstances, the chances of getting ill only increases.

Maintaining Indoor Temperature

Things that sound trivial to you might be of great significance for the elderly. For instance, maintaining an optimum temperature in the fall in the room might not be very essential for you but for those above 65 years of age, this is indispensable. It lithe risk of seasonal problems.

Getting Prepared for Winter

You might think it is not needed as it is just the beginning of autumn and winter is still far. But you are mistaken. For ensuring home health care for your elderly, you need to stay ahead. You have to be prepared beforehand and ensuring you are prepared for slippery stairs and walkways is important. Shovels, salt or ice melt, etc. are some of the things that you need to keep at home so that you handle snow removal tasks safely.

Avoiding Slip or Fall

Accidental falls or slipping of senior people is common in autumn. With wet leaves surrounding the area, even a stroll can be lethal and lead to a serious fall that can break their legs or hands. Keep your house illuminated even at night and ensure you remove the wet leaves from the vicinity to avoid any mishap.

Damage to Skin

Another problem that might take a bad turn if not taken seriously is damage to the skin. The skin of older adults is dry and fragile. Exposure to the windy air of autumn can make them drier. Rashes, eczema, and many other such skin conditions can crop up. The good thing is these can be avoided if care is taken of their diet and the use of proper skin care products. They need to remain hydrated; the skin remains moisturized; sunscreen lotions are used as per the directions and intake of fluid can ensure their skin remains protected.

Loneliness and Social Isolation

The change in season also brings loneliness as now the elderly people are more confined to their homes. It leads to bereavement and this is a difficult experience for the elders. Many seniors, especially those without spouses, feel lonelier in fall and the upcoming season – winter. Usually, elderly care in Orange County ensures that the caregiver involves the older adults in home-based activities.

How can a professional caregiver help?

You can ensure the well-being of your loved elders by hiring a professional home care assistance provider. These can help the seniors to handle the change of season and manage the aforementioned problems in the following ways –

Take Care of Health

The seasonal flu is something that can be avoided in autumn if proper care of health is taken. The caregivers ensure the seniors take proper diets and remain hydrated to avoid any type of seasonal problems.

Involve Seniors in Activities

To remain mentally fit, senior people require activities. The more they are involved in it the better they feel. This is one of the in-home care benefits.

Ensure Proper Dressing

If eating healthy food is important, then so is dressing appropriately. At an age above 65 years, you cannot let the elderly wear dresses that do not suit the season. They need to be prepared for winter and have their wardrobe ready accordingly.

Final Thought

Taking care of your seniors is difficult. Professional help is advised and so many even seek it. You can find in-home care in Los Angeles, and they will help you get in touch with caregivers who will ensure your loved ones remain healthy and happy around the year.