Hacks for Caregiving

Caring for your partner or parent can be exhausting sometimes. Most family caregivers don’t have experience in caregiving; hence they learn to approach and address the challenges as they come.

Recurring issues and new challenges can cause caregiver stress and lead to caregiver burnout. Prime caregivers have been serving the caregiving needs of seniors and others for more than a decade in southern California. Therefore, we have gathered these tips and tricks along the way.

Here we are giving a few tips and hacks that make caregiving easy.

Keep a bag ready

Sometimes, getting your loved one ready to go out for appointments can be quite a hassle in itself. To avoid any confusing and chaotic situation. Prepare a bag beforehand containing all the essentials to save any last-minute trip back. The list of essentials may vary from person to person. It may include- wipes, lotion, medicine, a bottle of water, glasses, etc.

Centre System

A caregiver has to manage all these tasks. It can be overwhelming. So, to make things easy, assign an area to manage your loved one’s schedule. Create a list of ‘To-do’s and personal reminders’. Use a calendar to track grocery shopping, doctor appointment, and other time-sensitive engagements. Organize medical, and legal records and always kept in an accessible place.


One of the most crucial tasks of caregiving is medication management. Caregivers have to be very diligent about medication and its dosages. Plus, they have to be on top of changes in medication or dosage. This is a huge responsibility; any negligence could have serious consequences. Therefore, for administering and sorting, you can make use of various apps available.


The use of a fork and knife can be tricky in the case of aging patients. The incapacity to do these routine tasks could dampen the appetite and make food less than enjoyable for them. To avoid these kinds of situations, try to make food that can be eaten without these utensils. Food like- boiled eggs, sandwiches, steamed vegetables and so on …


No need to keep track of every bill. Thanks to online banking, you can easily automate your bills. Online banking through a reputable bank is a secure way to make payments without any worry.

Fall proof the house

Do a walk-through with your loved one. Make note of all the problem areas. You may hire a contractor to do all the necessary accommodations to make your home free from fall hazards.